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Does anyone recognize this cottage?  It is Rosehill Cottage from one of my favorite movies “The Holiday.”  This charming cottage and its warm, cozy rooms was the inspiration for this blog.  Rosehill Cottage  is a collection of my daydreams of the quintessential home.  To me, my home is a constant source of inspiration.  It is an extension of who I am.  Charming cottages, old farmhouses, painted furniture, tarnished silver, faded vintage rose paintings and even good food……these are the things that make my heart skip a beat!  Rosehill Cottage allows me  to explore my creative side and help shape my home, my heart and my life.  A beautiful home is so much more than just a house it is a state of mind……a journey.   It is a place where we retain the timeless virtues of charm, comfort and celebration. It’s where we make memories and form traditions.  It is my desire to live even the most ordinary days as a celebration.  All of the things that you will find in my blog are near and dear to my heart and are a reflection of God’s goodness in my life.

I hope that you will enjoy your visit and come back to see me soon!

Warmly, Jill



Ephesians 2:10




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  1. JILL…I never knew how …creative, inspired, talented, gifted, loving, insightful,and appreciative you are. Unbelievable… who would ever think…the niece I used torture in her youth turned out to be such a beautiful woman. I love you!

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